Kevin Costner: A Man and His Films
Kevin's Filmography - 2004-1993 - Page 1
Kevin's Filmography - 1992 - 1987 Page 2
Kevin's Filmography - 1986 - 1982 Page 3
Narrative, Hosting, Lesser roles, and Cameos
Open Range
3000 Miles to Graceland
Thirteen Days
For Love of the Game
Message in a Bottle
The Postman
Tin Cup
The War
Wyatt Earp
A Perfect World
The Bodyguard
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
Dances With Wolves-Pt. 1 Lt. John Dunbar
Dances With Wolves - Pt. 2 The Sioux, Learning Lakota
Dances With Wolves - Pt 3 Dances With Wolves Loves Stand With A Fist.
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Welcome anyone who has ever enjoyed watching a movie.


I would like to build this website and dedicate it to Kevin Costner and his work in films. His dedication to his family, his friends and fans. We, his fans are just as dedicated to him.

Kevin is unique as an actor. I have never heard that he came from a dysfunctional family or had a substance abuse problem before or during his career in Hollywood. Yet he is very talented and multi-talented as well. His few words are criticized from time to time but that is where his emotions are spoken without words.

Sometimes I think that this is why Hollywood scratches their heads over this man that directed as a first time director a 7 time Oscar winning film that everyone said it wouldn't work because it was a Western and had a 1/4 of the film in subtitles because Kevin insisted that the Sioux speak in their native Lakota language.

This website just isn't about Dances With Wolves but all of his films right up to his most current films to be released or have been released


I cannot say how proud of this award I am

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