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Dances With Wolves - Pt 3 Dances With Wolves Loves Stand With A Fist.
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Pt. 3 - Dances With Wolves Loves Stands With A Fist

The end of the buffalo hunt, the birth of Dances With Wolves


"If you want this man as your husband, take his hands in yours"

In Love

"I am in mourning"

Lt Dunbar now has moved in with the Sioux.  He now has his Sioux name which is Dances With Wolves. He has his own lodge instead of sharing one with Kicking Bird and his family and is learning Lakota more and more everyday with the help of everyone in the village.  He wonders about Stands With A Fist, why she doesn't have a husband, it is explained to him by Stone Calf that she is in mourning but he doesn't understand the Lakota word for mourning. Stone Calf explains that she cries for someone.
He gets to know her more and more, and one day while she is gathering drinking water he asks her how she got her name.  She tells him how this old woman had been mean to her when she first came to the Sioux and called her mean names.  One day she had had enough and stood up and made a fist and knocked her out.  No one was ever mean to her or called her mean names again.  Thus she got the name Stands With A Fist. 
In his conversation he asks her who she mourns for.  She runs from him and is very upset about speaking of her late husband.  She confides in Kicking Bird's wife, Black Shawl that she thinks she has hurt him and must talk to him.  Black Shawl tells her he has left for the soldier's fort.  He has returned to the fort and writes in his journal Dances With Wolves loves Stands With A Fist.
She goes to the pond wading in the cool water not knowing what she wants to say to Dances With Wolves. when he comes to the pond's edge.  She takes one look at him and says, "I am in mourning." They kiss and make love in the tall grass.
After making love they know that they can't let on about their love until Kicking Bird says she is no longer in mourning.  They act like two teens in love returning to the village, he can't leave her without one more kiss behind a tree and then they go their seperate ways.
Kicking Bird is putting together a war party to fight the Pawnee.  Dunbar offers to join in the war party with his military training this to him is the right thing to do.  Kicking Bird tells him that it isn't the white man's war it is between the Sioux and Pawnee.  What Kicking Bird wants Dunbar to do is protect his family while he and the other men are gone.  Stands With A Fist tells Dunbar that this is a great honor bestowed on him by Kicking Bird.
While the men are gone Stands With A Fist goes to Dances With Wolves lodge and makes love with him and then they are awoken by a disturbance going on in the village.  A scout for the war party has come to tell them that the Pawnee are not far from the village and the war party can't get to them to defend them.  Dunbar has buried a cache of rifles and ammunition at Fort Sedgewick he takes Smiles A Lot with him to bring back the rifles.  They spend time trying to find Dunbar's marker in the rain.  They find it and bring back the rifles.  The Pawnee do attack and are handily defeated thanks to the rifles that Dunbar has given them.
Stone Calf is killed by a Pawnee and the last Pawnee left alive.  The Sioux surround him and kill him in the river.  For the first time Dunbar realizes why these people are fierce warriors.  There is no political reason for their wars, it is only to protect their families and the food they have to feed them.  All of a sudden he realizes that maybe the name John J. Dunbar has no meaning but Dances With Wolves does have meaning.
When the men return to the village Black Shawl tells Kicking Bird that there is talk about Stands With A Fist and Dances With Wolves.  He asks is no one upset by their budding romance and Black Shawl says no it makes sense they are both white.  Kicking Bird decides it may be time to tell her she mourns no more.
The very next morning he does just that and then there is a wedding of Stands With A Fist and Dances With Wolves.
Through all of these events Dunbar has become more Dances With Wolves. He has shaven his mustache, he has shed more and more of his uniform and is almost always wearing Sioux hide clothing and now he has feathers in his hair.  Kicking Bird and Dances With Wolves now converse without the help of Stands With A Fist translating for them because Dances With Wolves speaks almost entirely in Lakota.  He tells Kicking Bird that they are trying for a baby.  They want to start a family right away.
Winter is coming and they must move to their winter camp.  Dances With Wolves still has some Lt. Dunbar in him.  He wants his journal at Fort Sedgewick.  He tells Stands With A Fist that he will join up with them after he goes to the fort one last time.  Little does he know what is waiting for him at the fort.
The Army has moved in and they think he is an Indian.  They shoot Cisco out from under him and brutalize him with a beating.  Then they find out that he is an Army Lt after finding his journal.  So there is more brutalizing because he is considered a deserter.  In his transfer from Fort Sedgewick to another fort for court martial the Sioux raid the wagon party and kill all the soldiers.  Dunbar's journal is lost in the river, but is found by Smiles A Lot.
Dances With Wolves is brought back to the winter camp by the war party and when Stands With A Fist sees him she runs to him.  He can't get off of his pony fast enough.  They both fall into the snow and kiss passionately and lovingly.
Dances With Wolves explains to Ten Bears that he must leave their camp because the soldiers will be looking for him.  He tells Stands With A Fist that they must leave so he doesn't draw the soldiers to the Sioux.  She tells him her place is with him her husband.
Dances With Wolves had been carving a pipe.  When he decides it is time to leave he presents his pipe to Kicking Bird who in return has his pipe to give to Dances With Wolves.
They leave the village just the two of them.  Smiles A Lot hands Dances With Wolves, Dunbar's journal.  Wind in His Hair shouts from the cliffs that Dances With Wolves is his friend.

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Dances With Wolves
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