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Dragonfly - 2002

The dragonfly paper weight he had give Emily
Joe at Emily's Memorial Service
Joe talking to Emily to be sure she can get out

Dragonfly is the symbol of Emily Darrow, the beloved wife of Dr. Joe Darrow. Emily collected dragonfly everything. She had a small series of moles that formed an outline of a dragonfly and it was an inherited birthmark. Joe is in mourning over the tragic death of his wife, a pediatric oncologist and Joe is seeing dragonflies everywhere. Emily was on a mission of mercy against Joe's wishes. They had both planned and talked about that they would go to third world country and treat the neediest of needy in the world. Now Emily has gone off to the Peruvian jungles to treat and care for their Indians in their villages. Emily is 7 months pregnant with their first child and Joe doesn't feel comfortable about her safety or their unborn child's safety.

Well Joe's worst fears come true, Emily is caught in the middle of a revolution and is having problems getting out of the village to safety in Columbia. The bus they are evacuated in is washed into the a river by a landslide and all onboard, including Dr. Emily Darrow have perished or have they?

Joe returns to Chicago a broke and miserable man. He returns to work but his heart isn't in it. He is an ER doctor and is totally horrified by a suicide attempt patient. Refusing to treat her he is reported to the Director of the Hospital. Joe has a favorite nickname for this guy.

Joe then attempts six months after Emily's death to look in on her patients on the children's oncology ward. Some are no longer living but some are still hanging on dealing with their disease. One youngster has had his umpteenth heart failure and cries out Joe's name. He has never met Joe but when he is recovering in his room he says you are Emily's Joe and he is constantly drawing this symbol that no one knows what it is. He also says that she wants him to find her. That she has a message for him. Joe is now on an emotional roller coaster wanting to believe that maybe Emily is alive and yet as a Dr. he knows better.

There are some really spooky scenes in this movie, but not out and out gross. The really scary one is when Joe (Kevin) is left with an organ donor who has expired, but he is kept on machines to keep his organ fresh for harvest. Joe is making sure that his friend gets first dibs on his kidneys. This guy starts talking to him and cries out his name. Joe then tries to stop them from harvesting his organs claiming the guy isn't dead yet. Well that gets Joe into some serious trouble at the hospital and a little time in the local lock down jail.

I have seen this movie three times. I wanted to see it after I saw the ending the first time. I have to say that no matter how many times you see this movie you will cry at the ending. It is difficult to talk about this movie without giving away the emotional impact that it has on you. But go the first time with someone you love. It is in my opinion the most beautiful movie I have ever seen.

As for all of those critics who panned this movie for being sappy, I think you all are human emotion challenged and you should really do something about taking care of it.

Lily, Kevin, Joe and Annie at the Dragonfly premeire
The first time Joe encounters an out of the body experience

Available in the US and Canda on VHS and DVD
DVD Extras:  Commentary by Tom Shadyac,
                       Deleted Scenes, 
                       Dolby 5.1
                       DTS 5.1,
                       Dolby French 5.1,
                       Subtitles for Hearing Impaired,
                       Spanish Subtitles

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