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Thirteen Days - 2000

RFK, JFK and Kenny O'Donnell
Steven Culp, Bruce Greenwood, Kevin


Thirteen Days is one of Kevin's pet projects. Set around the Cuban missile crisis in October 1962 it is a look inside the oval office and how three men stuck together to save the country and the world from nuclear war. If you liked JFK then this one will verify what was said about the military leaders of this country and the President during Kennedy's administration.

The most remarkable part of this film is not its contents as much as the way Kevin went all over Europe and then to Cuba to show this film to world leaders to end all nuclear weapons forever.

Personally I thought it was something to see Kevin along side Fidel Castro viewing this movie together. What a thrill it must have been to actually sit down and discuss this with one of the leaders of those Thirteen Days

Kevin meeting Fidel Castro-March, 2001
Kevin at a news conference in Havana Cuba Mar. 2001

        • Available:
        • VHS: Formats; NTSC, PAL?
        • DVD: Bonus features; First released DVD in INFINIFilm, a special format that allows pop-up menus while  watching the DVD.  Also includes narrative from Director, Writer, and Producers.  Historic background of the scene or scenes.