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Revenge - 1990

Kevin, Madeline Stow and Anthony Quinn
Revenge is a story about friendship, love and revenge.  The tagline was "A passion that cannot be denied.  A betrayal that cannot be foregiven".  Kevin's character is Jay Cochran a 12 year Navy fighter pilot.  The movie opens with Jay's last flight and his retirement party.  He receives a gift of hand made hunting rifles from his good friend Tiburon Mendez(Anthony Quinn) from Mexico, who he had once flown and then saved his life while on a hunting trip in Alaska.
That's where Jay is headed right after he checks out his hunting cabin in Mexico and workouts his yellow Lab, Rocky to be ready for some hunting with Tibby.
He gets lost trying to find Tibby's palatial estate and asks directions of a beautiful women walking her white stallion.  She tells him how to get to the estate and he finds that this is Tibby's wife Mireya (Madeline Stowe). 
He finds Tibby playing tennis with himself and has been waiting days for Jay's arrival.  He offers for Jay to stay at the estate but Jay refuses saying he already has taken a place at the beach.
They make arrangements to go hunting in the morning.  Tibby tells Jay that they will go to Italy and have his hunting guns fitted right for him someday.  They part and Jay returns in the morning to find a group of very young hunting dogs that Tibby has imported from the U.S. but before a shot is fired or a bird flushed out of the brush Tibby recieves a phone call that he has to attend too.  Dinner arrangements are made for that evening and Jay is a little reluctant to go for dinner when Mireya asks him to be sure and join them because Tibby's political friends are so boring.
They have dinner with a shady bunch characters, that aren't only shady but ill mannered and rude.
Tibby and the male guests besides Jay retire to another room to discuss business with TIbby.  Jay is left alone with three women and is quite uncomfortable.  Jay then excuses himself to Tibbey's library.  Mireya follows saying he has picked one of her favorite books from the shelf.  She than says there is an English version of this book and Jay proceeds to read in Spanish to her.  Then he translates it to English.  He said that he was stationed in Spain for two years and picked up the language.
The meeting with Tibby and his political people is about trying to get through graft and kickbacks their candidate elected in Mexico.  Tibby becomes infuriated with one who critizes Jay's manners.  Tibby just shoots him in the head and the mess is cleaned up and no one says a word as to what happened to this person.
The next morning Jay is out of his place getting groceries when he returns Mireya is waiting for him with an English version of the book from the night before.  He offers her some lemonade and it is definitely sexual tension between the two.  Mireya is a lot of years younger then Tibby and he says at one point he should have married her mother.
The two then go on the beach with Rocky and Jay shows Mireya a trick that Rocky does.  (By the way this dog was Kevin's dog in real life.  Her name was Rosalita or Rosie as he called her.  He put her down last year at the age of 16.  But he still has one of her pups Wyatt with another yellow Lab named Daisy and they are a permanent pair Kevin kept a pup of Wyatt and Daisy, Jewell.)
At a political fund raiser or rally of sorts thrown by Tibby Jay becomes bored with the goings on.  He makes his excuses to leave to Mireya and when he goes to get his coat she follows him to where his coat is in another part of the house.  Without a spoken word the two comsumate their torrid relationship in one of the hottest sex scene I have ever seen.
The two continue to see one another and carry on their affair.  Then they make a plan to go away together to Jay's hunting cabin.  Tibby knows of this affair and follows them to the cabin.  There is a violent and fierce beating of both Jay and Mireya and both are slashed Mireya across her face and Jay everywhere.
They dump Jay's brutally beaten body on a dirt road and take Mireya to a brothel.  Jay is found by a peasant and nursed back to health by the man's family.  When Jay is able to walk he goes back to his cabin.  Tibby has burnt it to the ground.  But Jay had American dollars hidden in the floor boards.  He takes the cash and returns to the peasant's home. 
He figures it is time to leave their home and go and find Mireya if she is still alive.  He gives the man a handsome sum of cash for helping him.
Jay hooks up with an Texas horse trader.  He is to deliver a horse to a rich Mexican just where Jay thinks he wants to go.  Before they leave Jay and this Texan are enjoying a game of pool and a few beers when Jay spots one of the men who attacked him and Mireya.  He follows the man into the men's room and kills him with a knife the peasant man made and gave him.
The two leave that town and proceed to deliver the horse.  The horse is delivered to one of Tibby's cronies and recognizes Jay.  But they go on their way when the Texan dies of natural causes.  Jay buries him and goes on with the red Cadillac and horse trailer.  The first night he goes to a motel where an American rock and roll band is performing.  His door is knocked on and it is a friend of the peasant man, Amador (Miguel Ferrer) saying he will help him find Mireya if she is alive.
Jay in the mean time recognizes another one of the thugs from the night in the cabin.  The female rock singer (Sally Kirkland) says she can help them get to him.  Jay and Amador kidnap him and try and get out of him where Mireya is.  He tells him the brothel where she was brought.  In the meantime Mireya has recovered from her brutal assault but is a working girl in the brothel when she is befriended by a male prostitute and is given drugs on a regular basis.  Mireya one night stabs a patron and she is removed from the brothel.
Jay and Amador go to this brothel, the madame has no idea where Tibby's men took Mireya.  The only way to find her now is to confront Tibby in person. 
They ambush Tibby on his dawn horse back ride.  They kill Cesar his bodyguard but don't shoot Tibby.  Jay and Tibby confront one another but he ends up telling Jay that Mireya is alive in a convent but that she is dying.
Jay gets there just in time to tell Mireya how much he loves her.  Her carries her outside where she wants to be and dies in his arms.

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