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Dances With Wolves - Pt. 2 The Sioux, Learning Lakota
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Part 2- The Sioux, Learning Lakota.

Finds woman on prairie
Dunbar shows the Sioux coffee

Once Dunbar regains his composure he decides he has had enough of these Indian raides and them trying to steal Cisco.  He decides he is going to visit his neighbors.  Dunbar dresses in his finest dress uniform, polishes his boots and brass buckle on a fine cumberbund sash.  He mounts Cisco and flies the American flag from his stirrup.
While crossing the prairie to the Indian Village he comes across an Indian women under a lone tree and the only tree Dunbar has seen since Fort Hayes.  She is hurt and bleeding.  Dunbar didn't realize at the time that she was a widow and was cutting herself to cause pain for her lost husband, a ritual among her people, but she had cut her thigh too deep and was bleeding profusly.  Dunbar in an attempt to help her, instead frightens her.  In her fear she shouts out, "NO!" and then passes out from loss of blood.  Dunbar wraps her wounds in the flag he was carrying and his dress uniform jacket.  He takes her still unconscious to the village and tries to explain that she is hurt and needs help.  Wind In His Hair is screaming at him to leave and he isn't welcome but again neither one knows what the other is saying.  Wind In His Hair then grabs the injured woman and drags her to a now large crowd of men, women and children.  Dunbar mounts Cisco and slowly rides out of the village.  Wind In His Hair and his group of young warriors go to follow him.  Kicking Bird stops them saying that the soldier meant no harm and let him go.
Later that evening again the elders meet about the soldier.  Wind In His Hair thinks a war party should go to the soldier's fort and kill the soldier.  Kicking Bird and Ten Bears disagree.  Ten Bears says a party should go and visit the soldier to try and find out just how many are really there or how many are coming.
Their first few meetings are frustrating for both.  Dunbar tries miming what he is trying to communicate like where are the buffalo?  Wind In His Hair thinks that Dunbar is a little nuts.  Kicking Bird on the other hand likes Dunbar.  In an effort to both communicate and find out how many whites are coming Kicking Bird asks Stands With A Fist (the injured woman Dunbar found on the prairie) to make the white talk.  Stands With A Fist is a white woman that was captured by the Pawnee as a five year old.  Stands With a Fist protests her speaking English to the soldier and she is afraid of him.  Kicking Bird tells her it is for the good of all of the people.  Stands With A Fist leaves Kicking Bird's lodge in tears and goes to the pond where she has a flashback of the day she was kidnapped and her family killed.
Kicking Bird has invited Dunbar to the Village.  Dunbar is quite excited by this.  When Dunbar arrives he goes into Kicking Bird's lodge where Kicking Bird seems to be waiting for something or someone.  The woman he found on the prairie enters and very slowly starts speaking broken English.  Dunbar first off wants to know their names and he then tells them his.  After many meetings like this with Stands With A Fist constantly with both men, she begins to teach Dunbar Lakota and in return her English improves.
One night Dunbar is awoken by a thunderous noise, nothing he has ever heard in his life.  He realizes that it must be the buffalo.  He climbs the ridge and sees as much as he can in the dark.  He immediately mounts Cisco and races to the village where the Sioux are having some kind of ritual. 
Dunbar is torn from his horse and almost attacked by many of the warriors.  Once again Kicking Bird calms them long enough to see why Dunbar had come into the village in such a state.  He tells them tatonka, buffalo.  They then all cheer him for bringing the news they wanted to hear.  The buffalo have returned.
Dunbar joins them in their buffalo hunt. Crossing the prairie he sees what the white buffalo hunters have done to a good amount of the herd.  They are just skinners they don't want anything from the buffalo but the hides and just leave the buffalo carcasses rotting in the sun. This saddens the Sioux.
They hunt enough buffalo for the winter.  But there is more to the hunt then laying in enough to see you through the winter.  Dunbar shots one bull as it was charging a young warrior who had lost his mount.  He is then rewarded with the buffalo liver which he eats right there. And throughout the night there is much celebrating a successful hunt.  Dunbar tells his story of shooting the bull many times.
When the hunters return to the village with enough meat and hides to last them, Dunbar feels for the first time a loneliness.  He has bonded with these people and considers them his friends and neighbors.  He spends two days alone at Fort Sedgewick and decides to pay an unannounced visit to his friends.  On his way Two Socks follows him and he chases the wolf away not to follow him to the village and he ends up playing with the wolf on the prairie.  His friends witness this because they were on the way to visit him.  After seeing this they give him his Sioux name Dances With Wolves.
There were no buffalo hurt in this hunt neither were there any horse, but Kevin was almost hurt very seriously, in the hunt scene Cisco tripped and Kevin was on his back not his double and he was thrown off of Cisco and towards the buffalo herd.  It just so happened that the buffalo were far enough away from him that he wasn't trampled.

Dunbar is invited to the village
Finding the buffalo herd

Learning Lakota

Showing Kicking Bird a spyglass
Kevin actually being thrown during the buffalo hunt