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DVD Releases & Re-releases in 2004 & 2003

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Wyatt Earp - May 18, 2004 - 1st time on DVD features advertised on this new DVD;
There is bonus material with this film including the deleted scenes which are included in the extended version that most of us have on VHS.  There is a special that was shown on TV for the release of Wyatt Earp with the background of the man and the stars of the film.

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Open Range - January 20, 2004 Region 1 Only- 2 Disc DVD Bonus Features;
     Disc 1 -  Open Range feature film with optional commentary with Kevin.
     Disc 2 - America's Open Range - A historical journey back in time to the real open range of the 1880's narrated by Kevin.
    Beyond Open Range Director's Journal - An unprecedented look at Kevin's creative journey to the making of this film.
    Deleted Scenes - with an optional commentary by Kevin.
    Storyboarding Open Range
    Music Video Montage - edited by Christine.

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Bull Durham Special 15th Anniversary Edition - Spring of 2003 - Special Features;
     New commentary with Kevin and Tim Robbins - this is the most enjoyable commentary that I have ever heard on a DVD.  You feel as though these two are sitting right next to you telling you their memories and experiences of making this film.
    The Making of Bull Durham Documentary
    Profile of Kevin
    Audio commentary by Ron Shelton - writer and director of Bull Durham.
    Sports Wrap.
   Photo Gallery.

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Robin Hood Prince of Thieves SE -  Summer 2003 - 2 Disc DVD with bonus features;
     Disc 1 all digital transfer; soundtrack remastered for home theater play with both dolby digital 5.1 and DTS surround sound. 
     Commentary with Kevin and Kevin Reynolds, second commentary with Morgan Freeman, Christian Slater, and producers Pen Densham & John Watson.
     Disc 2 - Marvelous making of documentary - Robin Hood; Myth, Man, Movie - Hosted by Pierce Brosnan
     Interviews with the film's stars.
     Bryan Adams Live at Slane Castle - In Ireland performing (Everything I Do) I Do For You.
     Weapons of the Time - Interactive Gallery
     Photo Gallery
     Extensive production notes
     Cast & Crew Bios

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Dances With Wolves SE - Winter of 2003 - 2 Disc set - 4 hour version a whole hour of added footage. Bonuses with these two discs;
     Disc 1 - This has added commentary by Kevin and Jim Wilson with the added footage.  This is also a two sided disc.  This added footage explains why Fort Sedgewick is deserted.  And a unique look at how the Sioux embraced Lt. Dunbar into their tribe as one of their own. There is one scene that I love in this version and that is Wind in His Hair explaining to Dances With Wolves how he must come up with a dowry to marry Stands With a Fist and how Kicking Bird must accept it in order for them to marry.
     An second commentary is with the Director of Photography, Dean Semler and Editor, Neal Travis.
     But wait there are hidden gems in this Disc 1 on Side B you have Easter Eggs.  If you click above the Main Menu you will find hidden graphics, each graphic is a hidden behind the scenes clip.  Here is what you get with the Easter Egg;
     Indian on a Horse -  the behind the scenes of working with the Confederate re-enactors and the suicide run scene.
     Feather - Kevin directing Timmons death scene
     Buffalo - Kevin being shown how the mechanical buffalo works
     Tee Pee - Kevin, cast and crew working out the hatchet to the chest of the Union Soldiers who had captured Dances with Wolves.
     Disc 2 - This is a totally extras disc.  It includes The Creation of an Epic - Retrospective Documentary that is a very unique look at the making of  Dances including the first day and Kevin's very first setup as a director and how he set it up all wrong.  To me this takes a lot of courage to put something like that out there.
   Dances with Wolves - Photo Montage - done by still photographer on Dances Ben Glass with introduction to all of the stills.
    Poster Gallery
    But wait there is another Easter Egg on this Disc 2 also.  Go above the main menu again;
    Rearing Horse -  Second Wind  a film put together by Neal Travis that was shown to the cast and crew of Dances to show them how they look on film and how the film was progressing.

Updated 11/14/04