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Kevin's Easter Eggs On DVD

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3000 Miles to Graceland - Advance to the ending credits.  A clip featuring Kurt Russel singing "Such A Night" followed by an outtake will appear.  Now the whole point of this is go to the very end and you will see a rare outtake from Kevin.  He does deleted scenes but you rarely see an actual outtake from him.

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Bull Durham - Music Video (Special Edition) Insert the "widescreen" side.  Select the "Special Features: option at the main menu.  Advance to Title 6, Chapter 1 to view the music video for Joe Cocker's "Woman Loves A Man".

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Dances With Wolves - Disc 1 Side b (Special Features side) Press UP at the main menu to highlight an Indian on a horse, a feather, a buffalo, and a tepee they are all on the small line above the main menu.  By pressing on these objects you will get to see behind the scenes footage such as setting up Timmons being shot with arrows, the mechanically buffalo that Dunbar shot to save Smiles a Lot.
Disc 2. Press UP at the main menu to highlight a hidden horse next to the "Special Features" text.  Click on the horse to see "Second WInd" featurette.

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Field of Dreams SE - Enter the "Field of Dreams Scrapbook and choose the "Language Selection" option.  Select "Spoken Language" to access an option that allows the complete music soundtrack to be heard in Dolby Surround.
Disc 2 - Press RIGHT from any option at the main menu to highlight the outline of the ballplayer.  Click on ballplayer to view "The Voice" clip.

Updated Jan. 2, 2005