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An Update on Gus' treatment and condition

I want to thank everyone who express concern over our little Scottie fur ball.  We love him and we didn't want to loose him.
Gus has started chemo therapy treatment for lymphoma. The disease has not caused masses in any of his organs.  There are no cancer cells in his blood.  The vet call us on Monday April 19, 2004 and said the biopsy results confirmed that he had lymphoma and he thought that Gus would have a excellent chance of remission with a chemo therapy treatment of 14-16 treatments over 23-25 weeks.
Just with the Predisone with less then a week of the Predisone he was back to himself as far as personality.  The vet said this was a good sign because the Predisone would be a part of his chemo as well.  There was a marked reduction in the lymph glands where they were swollen and inflammed.
He seems pretty spunky after his first treatment today April 23,2004.
These treatments will be stopped if there is no sign of marked improvement in his doggie personality or the inflammation remains the same or increases.  This will mean that the chemo is not doing any good and we will loose him.  But the vet says he is basically a healthy canine and is 7 years old.  For a Scottie Terrier that is considered a young adult dog.  Their life span is an average of 15-19 years.  This is why we were shocked at the diagnosis at his age.
I will keep everyone posted as the treatment goes along and again thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes for our Bagpiper.

Updated 4/23/04